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'R&D Made Accessible'

This unique system will take you through online processes through which you can make a claim. Each step of the processes has helpful guidance, and if you are not sure of anything at any stage you can use the online chat service, email or phone, and we'll help you through. Once the online part is complete, we take what you have told us and start preparing the report to submit to HMRC. This involves work behind the scene with our specialist team who will check out your industry sector, competitors and other factors and come up with a draft report. With this and suggestions, your dedicated consultant will work through any queries and resolve these with a vierw to submitting to HMRC.

Once this report is ready, we will submit it and follow up HMRC until final result. The whole process takes approx 6-8 weeks but should involve no more than 2-3 hours of your time. We will update you on the progress as we complete each stage of the process.

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