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Who We Are ?

A highly qualified and experienced team enthusiastic at the prospect of making a painless research and development claim for you.

How We Work ?

Through our unique online system ‘R&D Made Accessible’ and with our expert collaborative team, we take the hard work and uncertainty away from you and your business to ensure you can focus on your business rather than the claim.

What We Do ?

Research and development claims, for small, medium and large organisations, that’s all.


Whilst our ‘R&D Made Accessible’ system provides an adequate solution for most businesses, we realise that some prefer onsite visits and a more tailored ‘hand held’ service, which we are more than happy to provide. Reach out to us now to take the first step...

Start your claim now!

Proven system

R&D is our speciality, we have never had HMRC refuse a claim, our insurance has a 20+ years unblemished record and we are confident in our approach and ability to succeed where others fall short.

Exceptional Value!

This is a true 'No Win, No Fee' service. There are no upfront costs to you, in fact we only raise our invoice (a small % of the claim value) upon confirmation of acceptance by HMRC. Sometimes these claims are disputed by HMRC, and if this is the case, we will resolve the dispute at no additional charge. If, in the unlikely event, HMRC reject the claim in it's entirety and all the hard work is to no avail, we will not make any charge. We believe that we provide the best value service in the field.


All types of businesses

SME's form the bulk of our clientele , so if your turnover is anything upto approx £100M we can reassure you of our ability to help. Of course, if you fall outside of this, we will be glad to provide a free initial consultation to assess suitability.  

Why choose innoKey to manage your tax relief claims?

Personal Consultant

When you register and inititiate the R&D claim, we will assign a consultant to manage it all the way from initial review through to acceptance by HMRC. We pride ourselves in ensuring the whole process is as hassle free to you as possible. Your consultant and their supporting team will be available to discuss anything at every stage should it be required.

Larger Claims

We have the resources to manage any size of claim, whether you fall into the SME or Large company category.

National Coverage

Our unique online system faciltates an easy platform on which to process claims from any corner of the country. Should a visit to your premises be necessary, we will be glad to provide this service.